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Our Interns Learn How To Grow Organic Food From Seed To Harvest, And How To Cook And Serve It – While Developing Essential Job And Life Skills.

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Plant to Plate Graduate
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“Through organic gardening, and training in the culinary arts, Plant to Plate gave me the leadership, teamwork, and work-ethic skills that were fundamental to realizing my goals of graduating from higher education and working within schools! ”

Omar Ibarra​

2017 Plant to Plate Graduate

Plant to Plate seeks to address structural inequalities embedded in low-income areas of Richmond and San Pablo by preparing students for the transition into adulthood. Interns learn how to grow food using sustainable, regenerative practices, and how to plan and prepare healthy meals for themselves and others. Our in-depth and holistic approach nurtures the social, emotional, and physical wellness of each intern.

As an integral part of the Plant to Plate program, chefs from Anaviv Catering, local culinary experts, master gardeners, and community members voluntarily share their professional wisdom and life experiences. Interns are mentored by these volunteers, who function as a diverse professional network that Plant to Plate graduates can call upon as they move from the program into further professional and educational settings.

The Plant To Plate Curriculum Includes:

  • Growing organic food in an urban garden
  • Food preparation and catering in a professional kitchen
  • Nutrition and healthy living
  • Resume writing, interviewing skills, professional communications, public speaking
  • Performance evaluations (i.e., experience in giving and receiving feedback)
  • Completion of initial employment taxation forms (e.g., W-9)
  • Basic money management
  • A wide range of transferable skills, such as time management, problem-solving, teamwork, taking initiative, punctuality, responsibility, interpersonal communication, as well as self-regulation and stress management strategies.

The Plant to Plate program involves 2 hour sessions, twice per week, during the school year (October – April). Classes are held in a local urban garden and in a professional kitchen.

Our interns demonstrate their learning by hosting a Plant to Plate graduation ceremony and celebration at the conclusion of the program. Students grow the food, prepare the menu, cook the meal, and serve the food for this event, as they and their families are honored for their hard work and achievement.

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Plant to plate intern with radishes
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“Plant To Plate Helped Me Gain Hands-On Experience Cooking And Gave Me Guidance, A Supportive Community And Taught Me Skills I Still Use Today.”

— Mateo Hernandez-Romo, 2020 Plant to Plate Graduate